Start of the spring season in Helsinki

Now that the mountain biking season is just around the corner, we will reopen our Helsinki office after the winter break at the beginning of April. New updated bikes will be available in the garage during the spring and there will still be Canyon’s quality mountain bikes with and without electric assistance. In addition to rental services, Roll Outdoors also offers guided bike tours and mountain bike courses. For example, if your work team is planning a recreation day, mountain biking is a great alternative for a nice activity together!


Roll Outdoors has signed a contract with the City of Helsinki to maintain the official mountain bike trail in the Central Park. The work on restoration, improvement and marking started last autumn and will continue this spring. The route will open in April, once the work is completed. The Central Park has long been an important place for mountain biking enthusiasts, but with the official route, conditions will improve. A marked route makes navigation easier and improves flow, and directs a large proportion of bikes onto a sustainable path. This leaves other parts of the forest less used, which prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the landscape. The route will also serve the less experienced driver safely, while providing challenges for those who want them. Welcome to rent a bike and see with your own eyes what a smooth route of forest trails and outdoor trails looks and feels like!


Everything comes to an end. Roll Outdoors’ Fiskars bike rental will unfortunately not be opening this spring, and two busy summer seasons in the pot village will not be continued by us. However, we wish all the best to the Fiskars village and the wonderful people of the area. Fiskars will certainly continue to be a great destination and a place to visit for every cyclist!

We are concentrating our resources in the Haaga office in Helsinki and are now developing its services further. Fiskars’ mountain biking activities will continue locally with the Fiskars Trail Center.

If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us by email at