The best snow biking in Rovaniemi!

Fatbike route on the Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi

Trail length

Total length 20 km

Route level

Easy. The sections marked in red are more demanding.


We recommend that you prepare for about 2 hours for riding the blue loop. It takes usually approx. 3 hours to complete the whole route.

Recommendable bike

We recommend fatbike. Riding with narrow tyres is acceptable when the surface of the route can certainly withstand a narrow tyre.


Snowy season, i.e. around November-April. The first parts of the route will be done as soon as there is snow. The trails in Isorakka are completed when there is enough snow, usually by February at the latest.

On the trails you will find

Nice and easy riding

Riding for experienced cyclists

Rally for rally riders

Winter biking in Rovaniemi is a great option for those looking for an active and fun way to enjoy the winter nature. The Ounasvaara winter biking route is one of the most popular routes in the region, offering stunning scenery and varied trails for beginners and more experienced bikers alike.

Roll Outdoors maintains a 20 km long trailthat runs from the corners of the Lumberjack Candle bridge to the Väiskin laavu, partly following summer trails. The route is made safe for beginners, but also so that more experienced riders can have fun on the winding and hilly route. There is also a more challenging route around the Isorakka for the more experienced cyclist looking for a challenge.

The maintenance of the trail will start in autumn as soon as there is enough snow for snowmobiling on the terrain. The winter mountain biking trail is marked with winter mountain biking signs.

Winter biking is a great alternative to traditional skiing, downhill skiing or even snowmobiling. It is a more environmentally friendly and quieter way to get around in nature, allowing you to better connect with the surrounding nature. In addition, winter cycling is an effective and versatile form of exercise, suitable for both fitness and adventure.

If you are looking for something active to do in Rovaniemi, winter biking is definitely worth a try. The Ounasvaara winter cycling route offers stunning scenery and varied trails that will keep you interested all the way. While cycling, you can explore the region’s beautiful mountain landscapes and nature at your own pace, while enjoying the fresh winter air.

In any case, winter cycling is a great alternative to Rovaniemi’s many winter activities, and the Ounasvaara winter cycling trail is one of the best routes to try this fun and exciting sport.

Route map and gpx

Click on the image to open a larger version of the map.

Need a “navigator”? Follow the route and find your location on the map on the website. You can also download a GPX file from Trailmap to your navigation device.

Use of the route on your own fatbike is free of charge. Riding is always at your own risk!

Supporting route work

It really doesn’t cost anything to ride on the route. Lapin Safarit and Santasport operate the route and contribute to the maintenance costs. We also receive a small maintenance grant from the City of Rovaniemi.

If you want to get involved, you can buy yourself and your friends a volunteer “season ticket”, a nice sticker for your bike.

Buy a support sticker!

Route etiquette – Respect the trail!

The route is maintained by volunteers, and it takes a lot of the entrepreneurs’ little time and even less money. We therefore hope that you will show respect for fresh and newly groomed trail. Drive on the route only with wide tyres and low tyre pressures! A narrow tyre or a fat tyre that is too hard will sink through the surface of the trail and in the worst case, freezing the trail into a groove. Afterwards, of course, everyone behind you will thank you for a groovy route. The more snow that has fallen over the past few days, the longer it will take for the route to harden. Usually at least couple of hours from the last grooming.

Route user guide in brief:

1. Ride a fat bike only.
2. Ride with soft tyres. With the right tyre pressures (0.2 – 0.5 bar), the tyre spreads evenly over the surface of the trail and does not make a groove.
3. Use the full width of the trail. Do not ride in the middle, so as not to create a narrow groove in the route.
4. If the tyre sinks, turn back
5. If you have to walk, walk on the side of the trail.
6. Avoid lock braking.

Let’s let the snow-covered route harden before we go out there to drive!

Give us feedback on the route

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