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Mountain bike rental - rovaniemi

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Bike models for rent

Below you can see a list of Rovaniemi fatbikes that are available for rent throughout the year. From time to time, other models may be added to the range, such as narrow-tyred full suspension and electric mountain bikes more suited to summer off-road riding.

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Electric fatbike, Rockmachine Avalanche

Rockmachine Avalanche is the king of the electric fat bikes. E-fatbike is a great option when you want to enjoy nature without tiring your legs. Easy to ride, ideal for beginners and those new to mountain biking. However, the ridability is so great that even the toughest driver will be happy with it for hours!

Rent an e-fatbike

Canyon Dude Fatbike

The lightweight carbon fibre frame Canyon Dude is the elite of fat bikes. Assembled from quality parts, the fatbike is comfortable to ride and agile to handle. This bike won’t run out of battery, but it does require a bit of patience (and energy) from the rider to conquer the big hills. At the downhill you can enjoy the fruits of your labour! The Dudes in Rovaniemi are equipped with a suspension fork, which further softens the ride provided by the thick tyres.

Rent a fatbike

5 reasons to choose Roll Outdoors bike rental, Rovaniemi

  • We love mountain biking – and we want to give you great moments with big heart and big emotions in Rovaniemi
  • A wide and high quality range of serviced rental bikes: including mtbikes, fatbikes and electric bikes
  • Our friendly people at the rental shop will help you both with the bike and the route you choose
  • On guided tours, our professional guides take care of you and your best possible experience
  • Renting a bike is quick and easy – just do it now using the link on this page
  • We accept all sports vouchers as a means of payment! (Edenred, ePassport, Smartum, Tyky+)
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Can we help you?

Do you have any questions about renting bikes? Thinking about choosing between an electric bike and a non-electric bike? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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