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Our sustainability pledge

Sustainability and responsibility are core values in Roll Outdoors Oy’s operations. We care about nature and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our business. We want to play our part in working for the well-being of nature and the preservation of biodiversity. Nature provides the basis for our activities, and without the magnificent Finnish nature, our activities would not be possible. In addition to ecological sustainability, we also consider social, cultural and economic sustainability.

Ecological sustainability

Bike rental itself is a sustainable form of consumption, and bike rental encourages people to use their muscles to get around. Our offices are also accessible by public transport and we encourage both our customers and our staff to use it wherever possible. Together with Metsähallitus and other operators in the area, we maintain cycle routes that are designed with the specific features and values of the local nature and environment in mind. We guide our customers towards sustainable use of nature and trails, and closely monitor the wear and tear on the terrain caused by cycling, for example. We actively communicate with our customers about, for example, hiking and mountain biking etiquette.

We recycle our waste and use recycled materials as much as possible in our rental properties, for example in interior design. We also recycle spare parts and try to use everything to the end and buy new only when we really need it. Our bikes are actively maintained to make them as long-lasting as possible. Equipment that is no longer in rental use is sold or recovered as spare parts.

Social sustainability

Our equipment and activities are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. We encourage our customers to share activities with family and friends, and we also offer guided activities open to all. We work with other local responsible entrepreneurs and guide our customers to use their services. We care about our customers’ safety and take into account their experience and skill level when choosing the right bike for them and advising them on routes.

As an employer, we offer traineeships to students in the sector and thus also promote employment in the industry. Wherever possible, we also try to offer summer jobs for young people. Our work is seasonal and sometimes hectic, so we think it’s important to keep our employees happy.

We are actively involved in both local and national mountain biking development projects and work closely with other operators in the field.

Cultural sustainability

At Kiilopää, we take into account the rules of the national park and the fact that reindeer husbandry and gold mining are also practised in the area. We also communicate these specificities to our customers.

We value local culture and operators and strive to guide our customers towards authentic experiences and services.

Economic sustainability

We closely monitor the company’s finances and make plans for the long term. We are constantly developing our activities to better meet our customers’ needs and tailor our services to their wishes. We focus on quality service and a good customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

It is important to us that, despite the seasonal nature of the industry, we are able to offer our employees work all year round. Different seasons in different parts of Finland allow both equipment and employees to move between locations. We invest in the training of our staff and closely monitor developments in the sector, including by participating in development projects ourselves.

We aim to encourage local people to use our services, especially in the off-season, to support the vitality of our whole area.

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