Used bikes now also available on instalment plan!

Buy mountain bikes and electric bikes conveniently with Svea instalment payment

Svea instalmen payment offers you the flexibility and ease of purchasing the used mountain bike or e-bike of your dreams. From a wide range of quality used fat bikes and mountain bikes with or without electricity. And thanks to the instalment plan, you can enjoy your hobby straight away, without having to pay a big lump sum. And the opportunity to test ride a bike before you buy ensures that you choose the right bike for you.

How does it work?

Choose the bike that suits you best from our online shop or visit us in Rovaniemi to see used bikes.

Make a credit application for the price of the bike or the amount you want. This does not commit you to buying anything yet!

Unfortunately, our online shop does not support direct payment by instalments, so the transaction is completed by filling in the form at the bottom of the page and submitting it. Or contact us with email We will contact you as soon as possible to complete the transaction.

More information of the credit

Applying for credit is quick and easy. You can apply via the link below or at our office. The lender is Svea Bank AB, Finland branch.

  • No payment at the time of purchase
  • You get 30-60 days to pay for your purchases
  • For purchases over €1000, you can choose a 10-month interest-free payment plan
  • You can also choose between 10-month, 30-month and 60-month interest-bearing payment plans
  • The first invoice will be posted to your home and is due at the end of the calendar month following the date of purchase
  • You can apply for credit up to €6 000, but the credit decision does not yet oblige you to buy
  • The application is free and the credit is immediately available to you

Apply for credit and check your options here.

You will receive a credit decision and access to credit immediately. You can then visit our office by showing a valid identity document.
You can sign a credit agreement electronically with a TUPAS certificate.

You can also apply for credit in-store by capturing the QR code on the finance brochure, which will take you to the credit application and decision. You can also do it together with our personnel in a traditional paper version.

If the financial brochure does not open in your browser, you may need Adobe Reader.

General terms and conditions for Batch Payment and Storepay credit

Used mountain bikes on offer

Buy a bike on instalmen plan or leave us a question

Please fill in the form below either in full to buy a bike or leave us a question about the instalment payment

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