The best mountain biking in Finland at Saariselkä

Mountain bike routes Saariselkä - Kiilopää

Trail length

The route is well over a hundred kilometres long.

Route difficulty

Easy – Expert


Recommend to prepare for at least 3 hours on the trails.

Recommendable bike

We recommend a full-suspension mountain bike or fat bike. On easier routes and for experienced riders, a front-suspension bike will do just as well. Rent a bike from us.


Snow-free period from around June to the end of October. Check out the winter route HERE

Welcome to the Saariselkä-Kiilopää area, a mountain biking paradise where you can experience a unique adventure amidst the enchanting wilderness of Lapland! Here, you’ll find incredible opportunities to cycle in the open fells and in Urho Kekkonen National Park, which offers fascinating experiences and breathtaking views for every cyclist.

The Saariselkä-Kiilopää area offers a diverse range of mountain biking trails suitable for both beginners and more experienced cyclists. The cycling routes take you through captivating wilderness landscapes, amidst the enchanting open fells and lush green forests. In total, there are well over a hundred kilometers of marked trails from which you can choose your favorite.

Cycling in the open fells is a truly remarkable experience On the ridges of the fells, you can enjoy stunning, far-reaching views and the fresh northern air. Amidst the fell nature, you may also encounter local wildlife, such as reindeer and Arctic bird species. Traveling through the open fells is also a great way to explore the unique geology of Lapland and the landscape it has shaped.

Urho Kekkonen National Park is a dream destination for mountain bikers, inviting you to adventure and nature experiences. The park’s trails offer a unique combination of beautiful fell landscapes, clear waters, and tranquil forest paths.

The Saariselkä-Kiilopää area’s mountain biking trails are well-signposted, and there are plenty of rest stops available. You can also combine a cycling trip with activities like hiking, so there are activities to suit every taste.

So don’t hesitate, set your sights on the Saariselkä-Kiilopää area’s mountain biking trails, and let the enchanting nature of Lapland and the experiences it offers seduce you into an unforgettable cycling adventure!

Rent a top-quality and well-maintained mountain bike or fatbike for the Saariselkä-Kiilopää mountain bike route - with or without electricity

Route map and gpx

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Use of the routes is free of charge. Riding is always at your own risk!

Luulampi - Iisakkipää - Kiilopää: A moderately challenging scenic route



difficulty level



Aproximately 500m

Welcome to an exciting mountain bike tour from Kiilopää to Iisakkipää and back, offering 29 km of thrilling landscapes and unforgettable experiences in the Lapland fell nature! On this moderately challenging but rewarding route, you will enjoy stunning fell scenery, a fair amount of ascent and descent, and a variety of services along the way.

At Luulampi, you can take a well-deserved break and refresh yourself in the large day hut or café, where you can enjoy delicious snacks and local specialties. Along the route, you will also come across the Rumakuru wilderness huts, which provide a great setting for rest and enjoying your packed lunch.

The Saariselkä mountain resort is located close to the route, and there you can take advantage of various services during your breaks, such as restaurants and cafes. This allows you to enjoy your excursion worry-free and focus on the cycling itself.

The route features a fair amount of ascent and descent, so we particularly recommend the use of electric bikes for less experienced cyclists. An electric bike helps you endure a longer distance and enjoy the scenery without excessive strain.

In total, this 29 km route from Kiilopää to Luulampi, Iisakkipää, and back offers a memorable cycling experience in the stunning fell landscapes of Lapland, where the beauty of nature and excellent services combine for a perfect biking adventure.

Niilanpää - Sivakka: An easy cycling route



difficulty level



Aproximately 100m

Discover the Niilanpää-Sivakka mountain bike trail, which offers a 13 km long, easy, and diverse experience in the beautiful nature of Lapland. This route is perfect for beginners and first-time mountain bikers, as its technical difficulty and elevation differences are moderate.

Along the route, you will experience varying landscapes from open fells to old forests, and ride on both gravel-based tracks and smooth singletracks. Enjoy the stunning views towards the Kiilopää mountain resort and Saariselkä from above the tree line, and let yourself be enchanted by the tranquility of the old forests during a long descent.

Along the way, you can stop at the old reindeer herder’s cabin at Niilanpää, which serves as a day hut offering an outdoor fireplace, a woodshed, and an outhouse. The route also passes through the Sivakkaoja lean-to shelter, where you can take a break and enjoy your packed lunch in a beautiful setting.

The Niilanpää-Sivakka route is an ideal way to get acquainted with mountain biking and Lapland’s nature through a gentle, easily accessible trail. Experience the beautiful fell nature and enjoy the fun and relaxation provided by the easy route while cycling!

Rautulampi Mountain Biking Trail for Experienced Riders



difficulty level



Aproximately 500m

Welcome to the captivating Rautulampi mountain bike trail, offering 22 km of stunning landscapes, excellent trail riding, and unique resting spots on a classic UKK park route. This challenging trail is suitable for experienced mountain bikers who enjoy challenges and elevation differences.

Along the route, you will admire the area’s most spectacular landscapes and traverse rocky fell terrain. The challenging ascents and descents make this trail particularly exciting and rewarding. Along the way, you will experience the new, impressive day hut and wilderness hut at Rautulampi, as well as the charming day hut and café at Luulampi.

The Rautulampi day hut offers a comfortable resting place in the middle of the wilderness. Near the hut, there is also a stream where you can refill your water bottle (at your own risk). Enjoy the atmospheric Wilderness Café at Luulampi day hut, which provides a fantastic rest stop for your trip. Here, you can explore an ancient dwelling site, a spring, an outdoor fireplace, and a cozy shelter for making a fire.

The route circles around the Kiilopää fell on varying trails, offering excellent trail riding and diverse landscapes. The views from the highest fell in the area, Sokosti, all the way to Nattaset will undoubtedly make you stop and admire the beauty of nature.

The Rautulampi mountain bike trail is a fantastic experience for those who love challenging trails and stunning fell landscapes. Prepare to enjoy excellent cycling, unforgettable rest stops, and the area’s most beautiful views along this demanding route.

Preparing for the Kiilopää Trails

Preparing for the Kiilopää mountain bike trails requires considering a few important factors to ensure an enjoyable and safe cycling experience.

  1. Checking the weaerth: Check the weather forecast before the trip and be prepared for changing conditions. The weather in Lapland can change rapidly, so it’s good to be prepared for rain, wind, and sunshine.

  2. Route choice: Choose a route that suits you, taking into account your experience, your fitness and the duration of your trip. Check the route map and markings beforehand so you know which direction you’re going.

  3. Equipment: choose comfortable and weatherproof clothes. Use layering so that you can adjust your clothing to the conditions. Remember your helmet, goggles and gloves. Make sure your bike has good brakes, enough air in the tyres and the gears are working properly.

  4. Food and drink: pack enough water and energy-rich snacks such as nuts, dried fruit or energy bars. Also remember the rest stops, where you can refill your water supply and rest.
  5. First aid and safety: take a first aid kit containing plasters, wound cleansers and other basic supplies. Also check that your phone works in the area and download the map and location apps if necessary.

  6. Tools and bike maintenance: bring basic tools, a pump and a spare tyre and learn how to do basic bike repairs such as changing a tyre.

Don't go off-road on a bad bike to sweat it out, rent a quality bike from us and you can concentrate on enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Route etiquette – Respect the trail!

  1. Respect other users: Remember that there are also other people in the terrain, such as walkers and runners. Control your speed and be prepared to slow down or stop when necessary.

  2. Don’t litter: Make sure that all trash and waste is carried away from the trail. Leave nature as it was when you arrived.

  3. Stay on the marked routes in the national park!: Driving in the national park is only allowed on marked routes! Follow the signposted routes outside the national park and stick to the paths. Don’t ride haphazardly through sensitive natural areas, so they remain enjoyable for everyone.

  4. Give space: When passing other mountain bikers or outdoor enthusiasts, do so carefully and safely. Give enough space and warn audibly or ring a bell.

  5. Teamwork is power: Help other trail users when needed and be prepared to share advice and assistance.

  6. Plan your route: Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand and make sure it suits your skill level. Inform someone of your route and estimated return time.

  7. Prepare for weather conditions: Check the weather forecast before leaving and prepare accordingly.

  8. Maintain your bike: Check the condition of your bike before departure and perform any necessary maintenance. This ensures a safe and enjoyable biking experience.

  9. Wear a helmet: Safety first! Always wear a helmet when mountain biking.

  10. Enjoy nature: Remember that mountain biking is also about being in nature. Stop occasionally to enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.

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