A pearl in the heart of the capital!

MTB-route in Helsinki Central Park

Trail length

Total length 16 km, not a circle, two-way route You can also ride only a part of the route.

Route difficulty

Medium difficulty 2/4


We recommend to have 3 hours for the whole route.

Recommendable bike

We recommend a mountain bike.


The route is open and maintained from spring till autumn.

In Helsinki Central Park you find awesome trails and routes for mountain biking. The trails take you biking on various terrains and wonderful forests in the heart of Central Park. Just a couple steps away from city centre you are able to enjoy the best of mountain biking.

In which other capitol you can ride in real forest nature and wonderful rocky areas very close to urban bustle?

In Helsinki Central Park there are routes for beginners and advanced mountain bikers. Come and experience unforgettable biking tours and moments for instance during your city holiday.

Check out the Helsinki Central Park mtb-route and book a bike from our rental shop!

Roll Outdoors maintains the 16 km route from Laakso to Haltiala. The route is designed to be safe and beginner-friendly, but also fun for more experienced riders.

The maintenence of the route will start in spring, as soon as the snow has melted and the terrain is suitable for riding. The Central Park mtb-trail is marked with mountain biking signs.

Mountain biking is an excellent form of outdoor recreation. It is an ecological way of getting around in nature, allowing you to better connect with the nature and peace of the surrounding environment. In addition, mountain biking is an effective and versatile form of exercise, suitable for both fitness and adventure.

If you’re looking for something active to do in Helsinki, mountain biking is definitely worth a try. Helsinki Central Park offers stunning scenery and varied trails that will keep you interested for a long time. While biking, you can explore Helsinki’s lush forest landscapes and nature at your own pace and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Mountain biking in Helsinki is possible almost all year round and is a great way to get outdoors. The advantage of the Central Park is, of course, its easy accessibility also by public transport. Welcome to the paths of the Central Park!

Route map and gpx

Need a “navigator”? Follow the route and find your location on the map on the trailmap.fi website. You can also download a GPX file from Trailmap to your navigation device.

Use of the route by mountain bike is free of charge. Riding is always at your own risk!

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Mountain biking etiquette

As a mountain biker, you always represent all the mountain bikers, you are the flag bearer for your part. Be polite. Always remember to be considerate of other forest users, especially when riding an e-bike, remember to ride with the right situational speed and the way that doesn’t consume the nature. Do not ride around the puddles to avoid widening the path.

See the attached mtb etiquette. Riding on the Central Park trails is always at your own risk.

1. The route is shared and nature belongs to all. We take other passers-by into account.
2. Controlled situation speed brings safety for all. A biker who is faster is ready to give way to others.
3. In off-road conditions, wearing a helmet is clear.
4. The right way of riding does not consume the terrain.
5. Stay on existing trails and routes. Avoid gridlock and sensitive natural sites.
6. We follow the rules of the area and trails and the principles of litter-free outdoor life.
7. We will be considerate of local residents, landowners and trail maintainers.
8. We enjoy nature and everyone’s rights, while also remembering our responsibilities.

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