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Looking for things to do in Rovaniemi?

Rovaniemi is a city that enchants its visitors regardless of the season. It not only harbours stunning and magical sites, a wide range of restaurants and activities, but also allows you to explore Lapland easily thanks to its central location.

Find out what to do in Rovaniemi and get the best tips for your next visit!

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  • Rovaniemi in summer – 5 reasons to visit Rovaniemi in summer
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what to do in Rovaniemi

Things to do in Rovaniemi - Rovaniemi in winter

In winter, Rovaniemi is known as the home town of Santa Claus. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy a visit to Santa’s official residence, as the whole family can really get into the Christmas spirit at Santa’s Village. You can meet Santa Claus in person, send postcards with a unique stamp, shop for Christmas gifts, or just admire the wonderful Christmas atmosphere that surrounds the whole area.

In Rovaniemi you can of course play with adorable husky puppies, or admire peaceful reindeer up close. It is also possible to get on board both animals for a ride in a sleigh, warming up under a reindeer bed.

For those who love winter activities, Rovaniemi is the perfect destination. You can try skiing and downhill skiing at the Ounasvaara ski resort, and there are also scenic hiking trails just a few kilometres from the centre of Rovaniemi.

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If hiking on foot doesn’t sound ideal, an easy way to explore Rovaniemi’s possibilities and stunning nature is to rent a fat bike that can easily cover even the winter trails.

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Northern lights excursion in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is in the perfect location for Northern Lights viewing. The best time to see the Northern Lights is from autumn to spring, so a winter bike ride is almost a sure way to enjoy the Northern Lights dance.

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If cycling on your own in unfamiliar terrain on a cold winter night seems like a too big of a step – you should check out our guided bike tours. With an experienced guide to help you choose your route, time and bike, all you need to do is dress warmly and pack your favourite hiking gear in your backpack. Guided bike tours are available for all skill levels and for groups of all sizes.

Rovaniemi in summer – 5 reasons to visit Rovaniemi during the summer time

Many people are already familiar with the winter activities in Lapland and Rovaniemi, but Rovaniemi also offers plenty of options for summer holidaymakers.

We’ve put together five good reasons to visit Rovaniemi outside the winter season.

1. Rovaniemi is the number one place to stay in Lapland

Whether you’re looking for peaceful cottage accommodation, a luxury hotel or a unique glass igloo, Rovaniemi has the right accommodation for you. The Ounasvaara area, loved by locals, is home to a hotel, the Santasport sports hotel, two cottage villages and numerous other accommodation options. The centre of Rovaniemi, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive range of accommodation of different sizes and levels.

2. Activities all year round

Although Rovaniemi is a winter sports paradise, during the summer the city is full of both indoor and outdoor activities, and events. You can experience the unique “nightless night” by mountain biking and hiking, and be amazed how the sun never sets. For an adrenaline rush try a summer sled track or rafting, and for the whole family, there’s many activities, such as going to a spa, bowling, golf, climbing or yoga.

3. Cultural experiences for the whole family

Rovaniemi has many museums and cultural experiences, the most popular of which are the Korundi Cultural House, the Pilke Science Centre and the Arktikum Museum Centre. With a Culture Pass, you can visit every destination at a low cost.

It is also a short distance from Rovaniemi’s city center to destinations outside the city, where you can learn about Sámi culture and Lapland’s history, and enjoy an authentic Lapland experience.

4. Rovaniemi serves the best dishes of Lapland

Whether you spend your trip to Rovaniemi enjoying the nature trails or watching movies and bowling, you can’t exclude delicious food from your holiday!

Rovaniemi’s wide range of restaurants offers traditional Lapland flavours, but also delicacies for more international tastes. You can enjoy dinner in a glass igloo or snow restaurant, and even contribute to climate change through your own lunch choices, while the À la carte -art concept offers you the unique opportunity to buy a piece of art inspired by your meal..

5. A paradise for day trips

Thanks to its central location, Rovaniemi is an easy day trip destination to the surrounding areas. You can visit the Ranuan Animal Park with your family, explore Lapland’s nature on hikes, or try mountain biking in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

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Rovaniemi's best travel partner - Roll Outdoors

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