Northern Lights Rovaniemi – Best tips for your dream trip

The Northern Lights in Rovaniemi dance as beautifully in the sky as in the northernmost corner of Finland. Seeing the Northern Lights is on many people’s bucket lists. Rovaniemi is not only the perfect destination for seeing them but also to experience an unforgettable Lapland experience.

Read our best tips for seeing the Northern Lights and ensure a successful trip to Rovaniemi!

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  • What are the Northern Lights?
  • Northern Lights Forecast – Ensure your experience in advance
  • When do the Northern Lights appear?
  • Northern lights in summer
  • Mountain biking in winter – Rovaniemi
  • Rovaniemi Northern Lights – 5 tips for planning a successful bike trip
  • Bike rental Rovaniemi – Roll Outdoors is your best travel buddy

Rovaniemi Northern Lights excursion

What are the Northern Lights?

Northern lights or aurora borealis, are a spectacular natural phenomenon, mainly found in the Nordic countries, that people travel from halfway around the world to admire.

Northern lights are known for their beautiful colors, as they illuminate the sky in wavy patterns of green, red, blue, and purple.

Northern Lights Forecast – Ensure your experience in advance

Northern Lights forecasts are a great way to find out the possibility and location of the Northern Lights during your trip. The visibility of the Northern Lights is not always guaranteed, so following the forecasts can help you plan the best time and location to see them.

You can check the aurora forecasts on the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website, for example, or download the aurora forecast app on your mobile phone. Also consider the timing of your aurora trip in terms of lighting, as the Northern Lights are best seen in the dark and away from city lights.

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When do the Northern Lights appear?

The visibility of the Northern Lights varies according to the season. The best opportunities for spotting the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi are from September to March. This time window offers long nights and dark hours, ideal for observing the northern lights.

At the same time, winter offers the opportunity to combine Northern Lights viewing with other great activities, such as mountain biking in a magnificent snowy landscape, skiing, snowshoeing, or even ice fishing.

We at Roll Outdoors organize guided bike tours in Rovaniemi, so you can make your trip hassle-free with the help of our guide, or rent a quality mountain bike from us for your own excursion.

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Northern lights in summer

Although it is often thought that the Northern Lights are only visible in winter, in Lapland it is possible to see them in spring and autumn when the day is not too long… However, during the nightless night , from June to August, the Northern Lights cannot be seen even in cloudless weather.

Whether you’re planning a trip in winter, autumn or spring, the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi are guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience, and there’s plenty to do in Rovaniemi all year round. 

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Mountain biking in winter – Rovaniemi

The magnificent nature of Lapland is easily accessible from Rovaniemi. The city itself already offers a good range of delicious restaurants and things to do and see, but it’s also a perfect location for visiting destinations outside the city.

You can go on a day trip to the countryside or enjoy the city’s cultural offerings. In winter you can spend your time skiing, husky safaris, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, and in summer you can admire the scenery of Ounasvaara on a summer skating rink, go hiking, or enjoy the outdoors on a golf course.

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Whatever the season, mountain biking is a great way to get around and see all the sights you want to see in one trip. If you get bored of hiking on foot, a mountain bike is a much faster way to negotiate winding paths and bumpy roads.

There are endless mountain biking trails in Lapland, and in Rovaniemi, the best trails are found in Ounasvaara.

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Rovaniemi Northern Lights – 5 tips for planning a successful bike trip

We’ve put together 5 important tips to help you ensure a successful mountain biking trip and a great aurora experience in the winter wonderland.

  1. Plan your trip well: Northern lights are best seen away from city lights and in the darkest possible area. Consider hiking around Rovaniemi, such as in national parks or by a lake. Also, check the northern lights and weather forecasts before and during your trip.

  2. Equip yourself properly: Especially in winter, the nights in Lapland are freezing cold, and even if you don’t feel the cold while cycling, after a sweaty ride the cold will quickly surprise you through light clothing. Bring a cycling helmet and a headlamp to help you see the routes clearly in the dark, and pack some good snacks with you!

  3. Be patient: Northern Lights don’t always appear immediately, so be prepared to wait. Enjoy the starry sky over a picnic while you wait for the northern lights.

  4. Choose the right type and quality of bike: Mountain bikes are available for many different purposes. Fatbikes are best suited to winter terrain, but first-timers may need practice before setting off on a long trek. Our professional team will be happy to help you choose the right bike for your skill level and destination.

  5. Choose the right cycling route: Rovaniemi has a great selection of mountain biking trails for all skill levels. Check out the routes and choose the one that suits you, or ask us to help you choose the best one. If you are hesitant to venture into unfamiliar terrain on your own, booking a guided tour is a good idea!

Bike rental Rovaniemi – Roll Outdoors is your best travel buddy

When you want a quality mountain bike that’s perfect for you, you can turn to us. With years of professional experience, we’ll help you choose the bike that’s right for you, the best mountain bike routes in Finland, and a smooth bike rental experience.

You can rent your bike online in advance and pick it up from our Rovaniemi office at a time that suits you, or rent a bike directly on the spot.

If you would like to plan your own guided bike tour for yourself or even for your work community, we will be happy to help you design a bike tour that suits the skill level, experience, and wishes of each participant.

Get in touch and plan your dream trip today!