Saariselkä in summer - a mountain biking paradise

Saariselkä in summer is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lapland. Saariselkä is a mountain range and wilderness area located in the municipalities of Inari, Savukoski, and Sodankylä. Partly extending into Urho Kekkonen National Park, Saariselkä is part of a nature conservation are, and you can guess just by looking around – Saariselkä’s nature is especially picturesque in summer. 

In this article, you will get to know Saariselkä in summer. Grab the best tips for visiting Saariselkä under the following headings:

  • Saariselkä in summer – something for everyone
  • Experience Saariselkä in summer – cycle along the fells
  • Why choose a fatbike for Saariselkä’s terrain?
  • A guided bike tour is a top-notch experience
  • Roll Outdoors – the best mountain biking in Finland

Saariselkä in summer - something for everyone

Although there is plenty to do and see in Saariselkä all yearround, it is an even more diverse travel destination in summer. Saariselkä offers unique opportunities to enjoy the beautiful nature and outdoor activities in Lapland during summer.

Hiking and trekking are excellent ways to experience the unique nature of Lapland. The Saariselkä area offers numerous marked trails suitable for hikers of all ages and fitness levels. You can make shorter day trips or longer hikes and stay overnight in the midst of stunning nature. Whether you choose a longer or shorter hiking route, you will enjoy the beautiful fell nature of Saariselkä in any case.

For those looking for excitement, there is, for example, whitewater rafting on the Ivalojoki river and golfers can test their skills on the Saariselkä golf course, admiring the surrounding nature at the same time. Saariselkä truly has something for everyone in summer, from fishing to canoeing and berry picking to reindeer farm visits!

Best things to do in Saariselkä in summer - go cycling along the fells

If walking is not your favorite activity, you can also explore Saariselkä by bike in summer. Nowadays, there are also several marked mountain bike trails in Urho Kekkonen National Park, so instead of hiking, you can roam by bike. Saariselkä also hosts several events in summer, which you can plan your trip around.

Cycling in the open fell is an incredible experience, but a city bike is not suitable for the mountain. To make progress in difficult and uneven terrain without problems, an electric or muscle-powered fatbike fatbike is the best choice. We have compiled here 10 tips to help you enjoy mountain biking in Lapland!

In addition to allowing you to cycle in more challenging terrain, a high-quality fatbike makes it easy to move from one activity to another. Traveling to fish or visit a reindeer farm is convenient and quick, benefiting from exercise and enjoying nature in a completely different way than from a car window. Saariselkä is not called a mountain biking paradise for nothing, as the fell landscapes offer the most magnificent mountain biking routes.

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Why choose a fatbike for Saariselkä's terrain?

A fatbike differs significantly from a regular city bike. It is not a good idea to ride it in the city, as fatbikes are a bit harder to pedal than regular bikes and are also more difficult to stop and start. Fatbikes are both electric and muscle-powered, so the amount of pedalling varies somewhat depending on the characteristics.

Find out more about the features, advantages and disadvantages of fatbike and electric fatbike here >>

Fatbike or electric fatbike is a great choice for Saariselkä’s terrain in summer:

Varied terrain: the Saariselkä area has a wide variety of terrain, including forest paths, sandy roads, bogs and cliffs. Fatbike’s wide tyres provide excellent grip and stability in these diverse conditions, making it the ideal bike for a wide range of trails.

Comfort: the Fatbike’s large, soft tyres effectively absorb vibrations and shocks, which increases riding comfort, especially on rough terrain. This can make driving more enjoyable and less tiring on longer journeys.

Challenging trails: Saariselkä offers both easy and challenging mountain bike trails, and fatbike is good for both. Its excellent grip and stability help it cope with technical sections and steep climbs.

Crossing bogs: there are also bogs in the Saariselkä area that can be challenging to cross on a normal mountain bike. Fatbike’s wide tyres distribute the weight over a wider area, reducing sinking on soft terrain and making it easier to cross swamps.

A guided bike tour in Saariselkä is a full 10 / 10 experience

If the idea of cycling on an unfamiliar route doesn’t feel comfortable or you want to make sure you get the most out of your bike tour, Roll Outdoors’ guided bike tours in Saariselkä are for you! With a professional guide, you can enjoy a private tour, have a tyhy day or even organise a bachelor party. Saariselkä in summer offers a wide range of options for guided tours and we always organise bike tours to suit every participant and every occasion.

Did you know that we also organise tyhy days in Saariselkä? Go mountain biking with your colleagues and our professional guide. A day off is suitable for all kinds of work groups. No mountain biking background is necessary, the days are specifically aimed at people of all levels and abilities. We provide you with quality bikes and helmets. Read more about Tyhy Day in Saariselkä >>

Roll Outdoors - The best mountain biking in Finland

At Roll Outdoors you can rent quality fatbikes, mountain bikes or electric bikes with the guidance of our professional staff. We have bikes for every need.

If you are heading to Saariselkä in the summer, you can rent a bike quickly and easily on our website, by phone, email or by coming to the rental shop. You can pick up the bike directly from Saariselkä at a time of your choice, From our Kiilopää rental shop.

Roll Outdoors is the right place to take a step into a new and addictive hobby: mountain biking in the stunning and memorable scenery of Saariselkä. We’re here to help you on your journey to the deep end of mountain biking. Whether you need help choosing the right bike, tips on routes or a fully guided bike tour, we’re with you from start to finish! Find out more about Roll Outdoors’ guided bike tours.

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