Flights to Rovaniemi: Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Travel in Rovaniemi

Welcome, intrepid travellers, to your ultimate guide to Rovaniemi, the jewel of Finnish Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus! As you embark on this Arctic journey with us,

here’s what you can expect in the upcoming chapters:

Flight Connections Simplified: Get an overview of the direct flight connections to Rovaniemi from various European locations, simplifying your travel planning.

Direct Flights – Your Ticket to the Arctic: A detailed list of flight connections from major European cities to Rovaniemi to help you plan your journey.

Helsinki – Your Gateway to Rovaniemi: Understand the role Helsinki plays as a connection point for many travellers, with information about flights from the Finnish capital to Rovaniemi.

Electrifying Experiences: Discover the thrill of electric fat biking through the icy trails of Lapland, along with a host of other unforgettable Arctic activities.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first icy escapade, this blog post is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to all things Rovaniemi. Let’s start exploring!

Simplifying Your Arctic Journey: An Overview of Flight Connections

Flying to Rovaniemi has never been easier with an array of direct flight connections from various locations across Europe during the winter and spring seasons. Airlines such as Finnair, Norwegian, easyJet, Ryanair, and more operate flights connecting Rovaniemi with major cities like London, Paris, Istanbul, Dublin, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Berlin, among others.

Direct Flights to Your Arctic Adventure

Embarking on your journey to the enchanting city of Rovaniemi is now easier than ever. A range of direct flights from various European cities during the winter and spring seasons of 2023-2024 are available for your convenience:

  • London (Gatwick and Stansted) – Rovaniemi: operated by easyJet and Ryanair
  • Paris (Charles de Gaulle) – Rovaniemi: Operated by Air France
  • Istanbul – Rovaniemi: Operated by Turkish Airlines
  • Dublin – Rovaniemi: Operated by Ryanair
  • Brussels Charleroi – Rovaniemi: Operated by Ryanair
  • Manchester – Rovaniemi: Operated by easyJet
  • Madrid – Rovaniemi: Operated by Iberia
  • Amsterdam – Rovaniemi: Operated by KLM and easyJet
  • Vienna – Rovaniemi: Operated by Austrian Airlines
  • Milan (Malpensa and Bergamo) – Rovaniemi: Operated by easyJet and Ryanair
  • Barcelona – Rovaniemi: Operated by Vueling … (Complete the list based on the previous information)

Connecting Through Helsinki: Your Gateway to Rovaniemi

For many travellers, especially those from locations not directly served, the journey to Rovaniemi often includes a connection through the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Helsinki Airport, being the international gateway to Finland, offers numerous convenient connections to Rovaniemi. With several daily flights between Helsinki and Rovaniemi operated by Finnair and Norwegian, your Arctic adventure is within easy reach, no matter where you’re starting your journey from.

From European cities such as Prague, Rome, Lisbon, or Budapest, you can catch a direct flight to Helsinki and then connect to Rovaniemi with a short domestic flight. Likewise, for those travelling from intercontinental destinations like New York, Beijing, or Tokyo, Helsinki serves as a seamless connecting point to the Arctic wonder of Rovaniemi.

The airport in Helsinki is well-equipped and passenger-friendly, designed to make your layover as comfortable and efficient as possible. With a range of shops, restaurants, and even a book swap point, your journey to Rovaniemi can be as enjoyable as the destination itself.

The Winter Wonderland of Rovaniemi, Why travel to Rovaniemi in winter?

Simply put, Rovaniemi offers an unparalleled combination of pristine snowy landscapes, enchanting Northern Lights, and unique Arctic activities, making it a perfect winter destination.

A must-try experience in Rovaniemi is electric fat biking. An eco-friendly and exhilarating way to explore the snowy trails, electric fat biking provides an alternative to traditional snow sports. The wide tyres offer extra grip and stability on snowy and icy paths, making it accessible for everyone. Imagine pedaling through the magical Lappish wilderness, with only the soft crunch of snow beneath your tyres and the possibility of the elusive Northern Lights illuminating the sky above.

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Rovaniemi also offers other Arctic experiences, such as day and night skiing and photography trips, visits to Santa Claus’ village, ice fishing and much more. Its unique blend of fun-filled adventure and tranquil beauty makes it a winter destination like no other.

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