Team Building Day in Helsinki: Mountain Biking Adventure in Central Park

In the morning in downtown Helsinki, the work team gathers eagerly to start the day’s adventure on mountain bikes. We have booked bikes for them in advance, and the meeting point is in The Hague, near the park entrance. When the team arrives, we will give instructions on the use and safety of mountain bikes and distribute helmets.

We have carefully planned the route so that participants can enjoy a diverse range of Central Park’s attractions and beautiful nature. The route follows both outdoor trails and slightly more challenging but safe terrain, where everyone can test their cycling skills. Along the way, cyclists will encounter lush woodlands, cliffs and beautiful meadows, providing a wonderful setting for a shared adventure.

During the day, they also stop at the cliffs of Central Park, which offer fantastic views of the surrounding nature. Sometimes they drive on the outdoor trails, enjoying the peace and greenery of the park and the fresh air.

During the mountain bike tour, participants get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere while challenging themselves and developing their cycling skills. This team building day adventure provides a memorable experience and strengthens the sense of belonging within the work community.

Instructions for organizing an active team building day:

  1. Find out participants’ preferences and skills: ask them in advance what they want and make sure that everyone can participate in the chosen activity.

  2. Make a plan: draw up a schedule for the day, make sure it’s realistic and leaves time for spontaneous moments. We are happy to help you plan your schedule and organise opportunities at the beginning, end or even along the way, e.g. for dining.

  3. Come and enjoy! It’s that easy!

active recreation day - boosting well-being at work

Choosing an active team building day over a traditional program offers many advantages. Firstly, physical activity, such as mountain biking, promotes health and well-being, which in turn improves employees’ energy levels and resilience at work. Exercise releases endorphins, which help reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness.

Secondly, active team building days provide unique opportunities for strengthening the work community. Shared challenges and experiences help develop trust, collaboration, and communication between employees. Such shared experiences can improve the work atmosphere and team cohesion.

Thirdly, spending a team building day outdoors can offer a refreshing break from the office environment and help participants gain new perspectives on their work. Time spent in a natural setting has also been shown to promote creativity and concentration.

Finally, an active team building day is an excellent way to break away from everyday routines and provide employees with a fun and relaxing day that they will surely remember. Such experiences help create shared memories and strengthen the work community in the long run.

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