Imagine the following situation: the sun is shining on a clear winter sky and glistening on the newly fallen snow. You are on the fantastic fat bike trails of Rovaniemi, spending a well-deserved recreational day with your work colleagues. Or maybe the sun is already warming up for summer and the fresh forest is inviting you to go mountain biking. In both cases, the atmosphere is excited and anticipatory as everyone gathers at the beginning of the cycling tour. Along the route, you stop to admire the enchanting views and take a break around the campfire, enjoying the food and good company. This is an active recreational day at its best.

Cycling is an excellent option for a team day program, both in winter and summer. This active hobby offers a variety of experiences and challenges that the whole team can enjoy together. E-biking helps to make the most of a team day at different times of the year.

In winter, the allure of mountain biking lies in the charming snowy forests and lakeside scenery Fat bikes, with their wide tires that are particularly well-suited for snowy and soft terrain, allow for a comfortable cycling experience in winter conditions. During a winter cycling trip, the work team can experience a unique combination of physical activity, natural tranquility, and the power of a shared experience.

In the summer, the best aspects of mountain biking are the versatile challenges it offers and the varying landscapes. A suitable route will be chosen for the team to enjoy the beauty of nature and test their physical fitness and skills in a safe and appropriately dosed way. A summer team day with mountain biking may include relaxed trail riding and optional thrilling terrain challenges, fostering team spirit and providing employees with a renewed energy for everyday life.

Both in winter and summer, mountain biking provides the work team with an opportunity to share experiences and get to know each other in a new way.

How to organise an active team day

Including active activities in a team day program is an excellent way to improve workplace well-being, increase team spirit, and boost motivation. When choosing mountain biking on Rovaniemi’s trails as the program, you can experience an unforgettable day in nature together, which can help strengthen the team’s sense of belonging.

The service provider takes care of most of the planning, so the customer only needs to show up and enjoy the day. Here is a brief guide on how easy it is to organize an active team day in Rovaniemi for mountain biking:

  1. Choose a date: Determine a suitable date for the team day that takes into account the schedules of the employees.

  2. Request an offer or click to take your team biking via our online shop: we offer tailor-made mountain biking experiences and pre-packaged tours. The service provider will choose a suitable route and ensure safety.

  3. Come along and enjoy the day: it’s that easy!

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