Experience the best trails in Rovaniemi by bike

e-fatbike winter tour in Rovaniemi

Do you want to find the best viewpoints and the most fun trails in Rovaniemi? Maybe you need support to start mountain biking? -Or do you just want to go on a guided ride with friends without worrying about a suitable route or other people in the same group. Book a private tour on electric bikes here!


2 hours

Level of difficulty

Private excursion, you decide on the level of difficulty


115€ / person
(2-8 people)

199 / person
(1 henk)

Group size

Private group, 1-8 people.

For change requests / larger groups, please contact sales: rovaniemi@rolloutdoors.com or +358503807159


The tour normally starts from the Roll Outdoors garage, in the courtyard of Hostel Cafe Kodi. In a few minutes, the electric bikes take the group across the Kemijoki River to the winter trails of Ounasvaara, which can be enjoyed at leisure for about two hours. The route will be chosen in consultation with the guide and according to the skill level of the group.


In winter, the tour is carried out on electric fatbike bikes. The e-fatbike is a true Swiss army knife for nature lovers; the thick tyres carry you well on snowy trails and the electric motor helps you comfortably uphill. If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can certainly pull off this miracle.


This excursion is perfect for those who are new to mountain biking, corporational events or even for a group celebrating a bachelor party? Our trained guides will help you learn both the bike and the riding technique. The professional guide will also be able to adapt the route to your specific skills and wishes.

And best of all, even the more demanding rides are possible for those who like speed. By adding speed, the Ounasvaara winter trails become a really fun winter roller coaster!


  • Guided ride to Ounasvaara
  • High quality e-fatbike
  • Cycling helmet
  • Warm shoe covers if necessary
  • Beanies/gloves/balaclavas if needed.


  • Your personal travel insurance.
    Roll Outdoor Oy has liability insurance to cover any errors and omissions caused by the guide/company. However, you are responsible for your own activities during the trip.

About clothing

During the winter season, temperatures can vary from shelter to freezing cold and it’s worth putting some thought into your clothing. It’s a good idea to wear a little more than you would on a cross country ski trip, but less than you would on a downhill skiing trip. 🙂

  • Thermal bottom layer. Double it on really cold days. (approx under -18°C)
  • Mid layer, at least at the top
  • Winter jacket and trousers
  • Warm gloves
  • Winter boots. Woolen double socks are a good choice in frosty weather.
  • A windproof beanie and/or a balaclava under the helmet.
  • Note. Avoid long jackets and loose trousers. They can stick to the tyre/chain. The same applies to free-hanging scarves.


The minimum height of a cyclist is 150cm.

Winter cycling on an electric mountain bike is very easy if you have regular cycling experience. Despite the electric assistance, e-biking is still exercise and can even be a fitness boost if you haven’t cycled for years or are otherwise unfit.

The Lapland weather sometimes does its tricks. In good weather, the winter route is easy and fun to drive. A bit like a roller coaster, where you can set the pace yourself. In all weather conditions, the route is maintained to the best of our ability, but in challenging conditions, poor trail conditions can cause route changes.

However, most of the trips (99.9%) can be done regardless of the weather, almost always with a chance to swim in the Ounasvaara, and every trip is fun. If the conditions become too difficult, we will decide together whether to cancel the trip or reschedule it for another date.


We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 1 day or less before the event
We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 3 days or less before the event
We will charge a cancellation fee of 10% if booking is cancelled 360 days or less before the event

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