Scott Strike eRide 920 Electric Bike - An e-MTB for Almost Every Trail

Helsinki’s rental shop has received new equipment, which will move to Roll Outdoors’ northern locations as summer progresses. Kuutti tested the new bikes for a couple of days and was very excited about the riding experience. If you’re heading off-road, the Scott Strike eRide 920 offers comfort and fun riding just as much as you’d expect from a top-class full-suspension electric mountain bike. High-quality components and a powerful Bosch motor unit make this electric bike a great choice for almost any excursion.

Key Features and Components

Frame: Alloy Frame / Virtual 4 link kinematic VLK
Front Suspension: Marzocchi Z2 Air
Rear Suspension: FOX Float EVOL Performance Trunnion
Drivetrain: Shimano XT, 12-speed
Brakes: Shimano BR-MT520 4-piston
Handlebar: Syncros Hixon 2.0 Rise
Seatpost: Syncros Duncan Dropper Post 2.5
Saddle: Syncros ER2.0
Tires: Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6″
Motor: Bosch Performance CX
Battery: Bosch PowerTube 625Wh
Display: Bosch Purion

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The Strike eRide 920 frame is made of lightweight aluminum and features a virtual 4-link kinematic VLK. The e-MTB is designed for both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels and has 140mm of travel. The Bosch Gen4 motor and detachable PowerTube 625Wh battery ensure sufficient power and range for longer e-bike rides.

The bike has a Marzocchi Z2 Air front fork with 140mm of travel and a FOX Float EVOL Performance Trunnion rear shock. Scott’s TwinLoc suspension system allows for suspension adjustment in three different positions for both front and rear.

The Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain ensures smooth gear changes and a wide range of gears. The e-bike also features Shimano BR-MT520 four-piston brakes, providing ample braking power..


The Scott Strike eRide 920 is suitable for a variety of users. The full-suspension frame and electric-assist motor make e-MTB riding comfortable and easy even in more challenging terrains.

For beginners, this e-bike offers the opportunity to enjoy mountain biking without the significant physical exertion that can be a barrier to starting the hobby. The electric motor helps on climbs and provides an extra boost when needed, allowing for longer rides and the exploration of different routes.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Scott Strike eRide 920 offers an excellent way to combine exercise and outdoor activities with an e-bike. The electric-assist motor allows for adjusting one’s own exertion level and enjoying brisk outdoor activities. For more experienced riders, this e-MTB enables longer and more demanding trips, allowing them to explore new routes and challenge themselves even more.

In general, the 140mm travel bike is excellent for trails but also provides performance for downhill riding. The bike is fun to ride and naturally gravitates towards small jumps and challenging parts of the trail. However, if you are specifically looking for an electric-assist downhill bike, it may be worth considering bikes with even more suspension travel.

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Helsinki’s Central Park offers a variety of trails and routes that are perfect for mountain biking and especially e-MTB riding. That’s why Kuutti ended up testing the bike on the designated mountain bike trail in Central Park and a bit beyond it as well. The test also included several tens of kilometers of transfer riding on bike paths, which gave a good understanding of the bike’s battery life.

The full suspension and electric assistance of the Scott Strike eRide 920 make cycling enjoyable and fun, even if the terrain is challenging for the rider’s skill level. It’s actually interesting how much extra power and well-functioning suspension can help. The bike moves predictably through rocks and roots, and the motor isn’t too intrusive. Speed control is easy and fun.

In electric bikes, the suspension’s performance has a huge impact on how the bike feels when riding, as the weight of an electric bike makes it more difficult to ride actively compared to a regular mountain bike. On the other hand, when the suspension works sensitively and well, the bike’s weight adds stability and predictability to the ride, which makes it easier for beginners. Based on a couple of test days, Scott’s suspension works excellently both in rougher riding and at slower speeds.

The Scott has a fairly large 625 Wh battery. Battery life was tested during the first test day with about 40 kilometers of riding, of which about 25 km were transfer rides. The battery indicator dropped only one level out of five during this distance. Assistance was used in a mixed manner across all support levels. Next, the battery life will need to be tested in downhill biking and see how many vertical meters the bike can climb with the highest assistance.

All in all, the Scott Strike eRide 920 electric bike felt like an excellent e-MTB for a wide variety of uses.

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Buying an electric bike and e-MTB is very popular again in the spring. Read below for some good tips on buying a bike if, for example, Buying a Scott Strike eRide has been on your mind. Read also our tips for buying a benefit bike and our tips article for buying a second-hand electric bike.

  1. Test the bike before buying: It’s important to try an e-MTB before purchasing to get an idea of ​​what kind of bike suits you best. Visit your local bike shop and ask about the possibility of test riding different e-MTBs.
  2. Rent a bike: If you want to get a more in-depth introduction to e-MTB biking, we recommend renting a bike, for example, from us. This way, you can try the bike properly on different routes and get a better understanding of which electric bike suits you best.
  3. Choose the right size: Bike size is one of the most important factors for riding comfort. Ask the bike shop for help in choosing the right size and try different-sized bikes before making a purchase decision. Renting and thorough testing is the best way to find the right bike size for you.
  4. Learn about different engines: There are differences in e-MTB engines, so explore the engines and their features from different manufacturers.
  5. Consider the suspension: Full suspension or front suspension? Think about the terrain you will mainly be cycling in and choose the suspension accordingly. A full suspension frame is more comfortable in more challenging terrain, while a front suspension may be sufficient for lighter off-road biking and is a simpler solution in terms of maintenance.
  6. Learn the bike’s settings: Familiarize yourself with the bike’s settings and features, such as adjusting the suspension and the different modes of the electric motor. This way, you will get the best possible riding experience with an e-MTB.
  7. Learn to maintain the bike: An e-MTB requires regular maintenance and inspection to keep it in good condition. Learn basic maintenance procedures, such as chain lubrication, tire replacement, and brake adjustment.
  8. Wear a helmet: Safety is important! Always remember to wear a helmet and other protective gear as needed.
  9. Read local rules: Different areas may have different rules and restrictions regarding biking and e-MTB biking. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and routes so you know where you can cycle and what restrictions are in the area.
  10. Enjoy cycling and nature: The purpose of e-MTB biking is to bring joy and experiences as well as facilitate movement in nature. Try different routes, challenge yourself, and enjoy cycling and the surrounding nature. E-MTB biking offers a new way to enjoy off-road biking for both beginners and more experienced cyclists.


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