What where when?

Instructions for guided tours

Are you joining our guided winter bike tour in Rovaniemi? Here you will find more information and useful tips on how to prepare for the best possible activities near the Arctic Circle. These guidelines apply to those excursions for which no other arrangements have been made.

Meeting place

We will meet in Hostel Cafe Koti lobby/ cafe in Valtakatu 21, 96200 Rovaniemi. We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before the starting time. You may come even earlier if you fancy a cup of coffee before the tour.

What is included?

Of course the bikes! All the participants are provided with a quality helmet and lights if needed. When mountain biking, it is always compulsory to wear a suitable and properly adjusted helmet. Of course, you can also use your own helmet.

We also provide shoe covers, extra gloves and beanies. Check more about the clothing below!

How to dress

You need weatherproof equipment for cycling. In winter time you should pay a special attention to protecting feet, hands and face. Otherwise you should dress up about the same as downhill skiing. In summer time you should pay attention to protecting yourself from possible rain. Long scarves, shoulder bags and wide sleeves are a safety risk.

For more information on winter clothing, click here.


A hungry and thirsty cyclist is rarely a happy cyclist. Eat and drink well before biking. Take something to drink and some extra energy, eg. snackbars with you. Bring a water bottle and a little extra energy, such as a snack bar.

Other important things!

For the safety reasons, all participants must be sober. If you have any known medical conditions or restrictions that you would like the guide to be aware of, you can let us know in advance or tell the guide directly before the tour starts.

Can we help you?

Do you have any questions about how to prepare? Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your preparations

Telephone: +358400 188261
Email: rovaniemi@rolloutdoors.com