Helsinki Central Park mtb route on the final stretch

Helsinki Central Park official mtb route is to be finished this spring and the opening will be held on May or June. The city started work on the route a long time ago, but it was delayed. In the end, Roll Outdoors was contracted by the city to complete the trail work and signage. The route runs from Laakso through the whole beautiful area up to Haltiala and Pitkäkoski.

This spring, our trail master Heikki has been working hard along the entire 16 km route, placing waymarks along the trail. The markings make the route concretely visible and easier to follow. The route will later have a few more large information boards at key starting points and clear signposts at as many points as possible where the outdoor route crosses.

The route is woven together from existing trails that have been used and ridden by mountain bikers over the years. The weakest sections have been moderately improved through measures such as grading and path bridges. The purpose of a single, maintained and marked trail is to direct the growing number of bikers to specific locations, giving the rest of the forest a breathing space and reducing the amount of time spent. In addition, the city’s support for mountain biking makes it a more equal sport than, say, skiing.

The Central Park route can be accessed from several points and is two-way. The route is suitable for cyclists of all levels, as the more challenging areas can usually be avoided by using the park’s other outdoor routes. The route is officially open only during the summer months, from May to September, and in April, for example, the trail offers quite a bit of slush-ice-curling. So let’s wait for the snow to melt and the May sun to shine, so that the route really does offer the pleasure it is meant to offer.