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Ounasvaara treasure hunt

Treasure hunt idea: Teamwork and outdoor adventure

Ounasvaara Treasure Hunt is a puzzle game-type orienteering event in Rovaniemi’s Ounasvaara. It’s an adventure full of the thrill of getting lost and discovering! Refreshing things to do, even for your company’s recreational day!

Participants are required to have teamwork skills in the skills and knowledge tasks placed on the hazard, as well as good individual physical performance. The winner is the team that can adapt to the situation and make the best use of the tools given. The idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible as a team.

The first challenge is to survive the map drawn by the route master. Gather your strength, share tasks wisely and enjoy the outdoors! A perfect day out awaits!

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It’s not an escape room, but it’s still a event where the brain get busy. A puzzle game on wheels brings the team together. May the cleverest win!

who is treasure hunting for?

The treasure hunt is designed as a fun activity for companies to enjoy on a company recreation day.

It is still suitable for anyone and any level of team who wants to challenge teamwork skills and weld a team together. -And take care of the whole package with a refreshing outdoor activity.

This activity is also suitable for large groups. The largest group has been over 100 people! Depending on the size of the group and people’s sense of exercise, the playing field and activities are adapted to suit the group. Some tasks can also be done without cycling.

Duration and date

The treasure hunt is tailored to suit your group skills and schedule. The optimal duration of the activity is about 3-4 hours. If this leaves you wondering, feel free to ask for more information about our sales: tel. 050-3807159

Currently, the event can take place at summer. A winter version has certainly been in the pipeline and may be released at some point.


Starting fee 600€ + 60€/participant (incl. VAT 24%)

Contact us or request a quote using the form below! Possibility to organise meals and saunas on top 😉

It's not an escape room, but it's still a event where the brain get busy. A puzzle game on wheels brings the team together. May the cleverest win!

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