how to organise an active tyhy day

These days TyHy days are active by default. In the past, a TyHy day usually meant a sauna and heavy drinking, training for Christmas time. Today, well-being at work day is all about exercise and looking after the well-being of staff.

There are different types of workers and different types of activities. Not everyone wants to do everything, and for one reason or another they may not be able to, but a relaxed time together in nature is something that most everyone is interested in.

Roll Outdoors has organised dozens of wellbeing days, so we’ve put together a few tips for those planning one.

  1. Choose a date that suits everyone. The next week comes too quickly and not everyone can make it. Book a day about a month in advance, so that as many people as possible can organise themselves. You’ll also have time to organise the day properly.
  2. Map what people want to do. A larger group can be split into smaller groups, so that the groups rotate and do everything, or different groups do different things. Then we can all sit down together for dinner.
  3. Plan a reasonable timetable. Some come from far and some from near. It’s no fun to come climbing or cycling, for example, if you have to wake up to a rooster singing to get there. Also think about what to eat and at what time, whether there are snacks and what time to take a sauna or a sauna.
  4. Get everything ready or ask for a quote – it’s easier.
  5. Enjoy the day and a nice get-together!

Roll Outdoors often organises cycling-focused wellbeing days, but we can do much more than that. If not everyone wants to cycle, we can, depending on the location, for example:

Trail running, Forest walks, Hiking, Canoeing, Canoeing, Orienteering, Glass blowing, Axe throwing, Sauna, Firewalking, Lectures, Mountain biking beginner courses and Dirt road cycling. And of course much, much more.

Ask more and request a quote from us!

Can we help you?

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