Mountain biking in Finland, best places to ride

Mountain biking in Finland offers an unparalleled experience, blending stunning landscapes with diverse trail networks suited for all skill levels. From the serene forests of Lapland to the rolling hills of Southern Finland, this Nordic country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, Finland’s biking trails promise adventure, scenic beauty, and a touch of wilderness.

Here are some tips on destinations worth to visit:

Roll Outdoors' own destinations


Saariselkä nestled in the Urho Kekkonen National Park is a true mountain biker’s paradise. The area is known for breathtaking views and its rugged terrain and, which offers a variety of trails that cater to different skill levels. Saariselkä offers a wide range of cycle routes for cyclists of all levels.

Roll Outdoors shop in Saariselkä offers guided tours and bike rentals so you can explore this stunning area. For more information, contact Roll Outdoors Saariselkä.

Roll Outdoors guided mountain biking tour in Saariselkä with Scott electric mountain bikes.
Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi offers fun mountain biking for cyclists of all ages and sizes.


Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is an excellent destination for easy cycling. Ounasvaara hill offers great local trail network and there are more unofficial trails around the town to explore. In winter, Ounasvaara is transformed into a world-class winter trail network thanks to fatbike trails.

Our rental shop in Rovaniemi offers guided tours and bike rental all year round in the middle of the town. For more information, visit the Roll Outdoors Rovaniemi page.

Other cycling destinations in Lapland/Northern Finland


The family-friendly resort of Ylläs offers an excellent bike park as well as numerous easy singletrack trails and forest roads. It is an ideal destination for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. For more information you can find Ylläs Mountain Biking.


Known for its extensive singletrack network and traditional SyöteMTB event, Syöte is a mountain biker’s dream. Stay at Hotel Iso-Syöte, rent bikes and start your adventure right from the front door. Read more about Hotel Iso-Syöte.

Levi and Ruka

Both Levi and Ruka offer excellent bike parks that provide exciting riding experiences for mountain biking enthusiasts. These destinations are perfect for cyclists looking for well-maintained parks at different levels of difficulty.

Mountain biking elsewhere in Finland

Finland’s cycling routes extend beyond Lapland, offering a variety of routes around the country. Discover mountain biking destinations in Finland by visiting

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Mountain biking in Finland is offering excellent adventrures, diverse routes, unique landscapes and a combination of summer and winter riding experiences. Whether you’re riding through the peaceful forests of Lapland or exploring vast forest roads of the East, Finland’s mountain biking scene has something for everyone. Finally, a couple of tips to help you get to know the topic:

Everyman’s right

One of the unique aspects of mountain biking in Finland is the right of access, which gives you the freedom to cycle in most forests and offers endless opportunities for exploration. Read more on the Metsähallitus website:

Summer conditions

Lapland’s mid summer “nightless night”, when the sun does not set at all, is a natural phenomenon absolutely worth experiencing! The 24hrs sunlight offers long hours of cycling adventures through the night. The climate is usually cool even in the summer, which makes long days of riding more enjoyable.

Gravel / Bike packing

Finland also has hundreds of thousands of kilometres of gravel roads, perfect for gravel and bike-packing. For comprehensive information on bike-packing in the Arctic, see Arctic by Cycle.

Winter biking

In winter, groomed trails become the playground for fatbikes, which are specially designed for riding on snow. Fatbiking is highly recommended for those looking to experience the thrill of winter biking in Finland. The best maintained winter trails can be found in Rovaniemi’s Ounasvaara, Saariselkä and Ylläs. You can also find fun winter cycling in the surroundings of most cities, but it takes a bit of will and patience to find them 😉