Pure fun at Ounasvaara hill

Ride groomed trails at Ounasvaara hill

Roll Outdoors builds and takes care of the winter fatbike trail network at Ounasvaara hill, which you can find just behind the river Kemijoki. Snow biking trail network consists of approximately 25 kilometres of nice flowy singletracks at the hill’s top area. Trails are easy to ride and same time super fun for even most experienced riders. In winter you can always build some extra turns to make it more interesting to ride. The trail is marked with fatbiker symbols, so you wont get lost.

Fatbike trail sign

Riding on the trail is free of charge. You need to be careful when on your own responsibility.

Trail map

From below you can find the trail map of all the groomed trails.


Respect the trail!

Use only fatbike, minimum 4″ tyres. Please don’t sink. When the trail is soft, use very low pressures, even 0,3bar or even lower for lightweight riders. Good advise is to press the tyre with your hand and your body weight. If you can hit the rim, it’s too soft. Half an inch between your hand and the rim is good.

If you keep sinking despite low pressures, please turn back and try again another day.

After snowfall, let the freshly groomed track stay over night. Tomorrow it’s going to be much better! 



Snow biking season starts usually in December and lasts until sun melts it down in April/May.

Pay attention to weather especially in the coldest days. Wear enough clothing and note that for instace water freezes in a normal bottle fast. Only thing that freezes faster is your Iphones battery. For clothing tips, check the video below: